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Reflexology is an ancient body energy modality that helps the body to heal without prescription drugs and without side effects by applying systematic pressure on the reflexes of the feet. Involving the application of pressure to specific reflex points located on the feet that correspond to related glands, organs and systems of the body, this therapy helps dissolve blocked energy, improve circulation and renew balance.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is what most people think of when they hear massage therapy – Long slow strokes that move with the muscle fibers. Blood flow is increased to the muscles while tension is reduced. Systemically, cortical – the stress hormone – is reduced, and endorphins – the feel good hormones – are increased. Pressure can be light, firm or deep depending on your preference.

Prenatal Massage

This deeply soothing massage is specifically designed for the special needs of expectant mothers. It is designed to improve circulation, reduce swelling in the feet and hands and release tension in the lower back, neck and shoulders. This therapy is not recommended in the first trimester.

Deep Tissue Massage

Contrary to popular belief, deep tissue massage is not necessarily “harder”. Deep tissue massage works against the grain of the muscle fibers, which allows access to the deeper layers of muscles. Deep tissue massage is slow and is used in a small area for a long amount of time. Deep tissue massage is used for specific problem areas. A one hour session of deep tissue massage may be used to work a back, legs, or shoulders.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point Therapy is a form of deep tissue massage. It finds those little spots of pain you didn’t know were there. Those spots refer the pain to other parts of the body. When a trigger point is released, a feeling of relief and softening is felt. Trigger point therapy is not a quiet relaxing massage. Quite the contrary, it can be a little intense and at some times uncomfortable. Feedback is required from the client as some trigger points are latent and frequent repositioning is required.

Sports Massage

Sports massage helps relieve tired, stressed and overused muscles. Designed for the daily athlete, professional or amateur, the speed and depth of the massage is tailored to the timing of the massage – pre- or post-event. Pre-event is a lighter and faster work to prevent muscle soreness, increase flexibility and blood circulation. Post-event work is slower and a little deeper to relax the overused muscles. Both massages incorporate gentle stretching.

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

Paraffin is a soft, white odorless wax that bonds to the skin when melted. The client submerges their hands into a small bath of paraffin wax. The paraffin forms a glove around each hand. The hands are then placed in plastic mitts followed by heated plastic gloves that keep the paraffin warm during the 30 minute treatment. This is a wonderful remedy for dry skin, as well as helping to relieve the pain associated with arthritis.

Revitalizing Hot Stone Massage

Melt your cares away while smooth, polished river rocks are heated and used to massage the body. Stones are left in patterns on the body to balance the energy centers. Revitalizing body oil adds a wonderful aromatic element to the experience with essences of rosemary, juniper and grapefruit to reduce stress, stimulate circulation, as well as balance and invigorate the body.

Our Prices

Massage (except Hot Stone Massage)

  • 30 minutes - $40
  • 60 minutes - $70
  • 90 minutes - $105

Hot Stone Massage

  • 60 minutes - $95

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

  • 30 minutes (added to any service) - $15


  • Added to any treatment - $5

Packages (except Hot Stone Massage)

  • Six 30-minute massages package - $215
  • Six 60-minute massages package - $375
  • Six 90-minute massages package - $575
  • Once purchased, a package will never expire.

Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates are always available for purchase. Once purchased, a gift certificate will never expire.


  • Payment must be made by cash or check. A $20 fee will be charged for any check returned for insufficient funds, etc.